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She is sucking well. She answers: “No, Mistress, I have never been either spanked nor fucked before.”

“Who has asked you about spanking? Naughty sissy, if you really want to be spanked, Clara and Lea will like to spank you later.” I put a latex glove and take some vaseline and insert one finger in her ass. I do it carefully and after some time I slide a second too. I have programmed the sissy link to give her pleasure. And then I go back to the big box and extract one butt plug, small size. When inserted looks like a jewel.

I put vaseline and begin to insert in her ass, I play with it a lot of time being sure the plug inserts slowly and adapting her ass to it. Is a Little painful but not the same as if I had slide it quicly and pressing all the time to slide it in.

Obviously, the plug connects wth sissy link. and I press a button and begins to vibrate inside her.

“This is your second piece of jewellery, Stacey. First the collar and now this beautiful plug. If you want big jewells, don´t worry, you have the plugs in diferent sises. This is the smallest (giggles)!





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