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Brandy leads me towards a room labeled 305. Its kind of amazing how well she understands, and it becomes pretty clear that she wasn’t joking earlier about having worked with men before. She steps around to walk in front of me, but is doing so backwards, still maintaining eye contact. It’s quite impressive how she is managing it, even finding the door handle without needing to look.

As we enter the room, Brandy tells me “I want you to be Rachel, 100 %. Alright? This place is more than just a makeover, it’s a whole new lifestyle.” An electric jolt of excitement shoots up my body from somewhere around my navel as she says this. It’s a daunting prospect, fully indulging in a new persona, but if it’s just for an evening or a weekend, I’m sure I can do it 100 %.

She continues speaking “If you have a feminine side, this place will find it and make it seem like that’s all there ever was.” Another jolt of excitement. I’m not entirely sure where they are coming from. Maybe I’ve subconsciously connected being Rachel with quality time with D, but I’ve never had this kind of reaction before. What is slightly more worrying is how, when Brandy implied making my feminine side more prominent, I could have sworn I heard someone whisper “yes” softly into my ear.

The room Brandy lead me into is a well-furnished conference room. I close the door behind us and as I do so, Brandy turns to face me. “So, what does Rachel actually look like? Hmm?” she asks as she leans against the table in the center of the room and holds her hands out to indicate her breasts. “Does she have big …”

Brandy doesn’t need to finish her question, I know exactly what she’s asking. I close my eyes and start to picture what I’ve always imagined what Rachel would look like. An image forms in my mind. It starts off incredibly generic, just a featureless feminine form, but it becomes more detailed as I start talking.

“Sort of” I say out loud. “She’s a C cup… Hourglass figure… Pale silky-smooth skin”. As I describe her, the figure in my mind becomes more detailed and I realize I’m starting to feel a stirring in my pants. Of course, this makes sense, I rationalize to myself, I’m just describing my dram girl. Nevertheless, I continue “Redhead. Shoulder length, maybe a little longer, straight dark Auburn hair. Green eyes like mine. A little freckly near the cheek bones, not a lot, just enough to be cute.” I sigh inwardly at this thought. ‘Yhea, cute’, I think to myself. That really describes her. “I guess if I were to describe her look it would be a cute girlfriend kind of sexy, not really a slutty sexy.”

The figure in my mind fully coalesces, and it looks more real than I’ve ever imagined it before. She looks at me and begins moving my way, mouthing something I can’t hear. As she reaches me she extends a hand to caress my face and leans in to whisper in my ear. I hear a comforting feminine voice whisper “Show her” before I snap my eyes open with a gasp.

I’m breathing heavily, as if I’ve just been woken suddenly from sleep. I look to Brandy and see her smiling playfully at me, still leaning up against the table. As I catch my breath I look from Brandy to my bag and then around the room, and a thought from the back of my mind rises to the surface. This whole outing was to improve Rachel. Its where this has been going all along.

I bite down on my lower lip contemplating whether or not I should really ask, but a sudden surge of confidence wells up within me. I look up again, still biting my lip, but smiling now. I look Brandy in the eye and ask, “Would you like to meet her?”



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