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Just as I thought things couldn’t get more crazy I was surprised by the sudden entrance of Greta. Where did she come from? Of course I was embarrassed, being naked and completely hairless in front of a complete stranger.

She on the other hand hadn’t any problem with my appearance. Before she even spoke a word to me she had already slapped on my bare ass. And she didn’t hold back either. Her smack left a red printout of her hand.

As if I was some small kid at the doctors she simply pulled away my hands from my crotch and moved her hand to my balls and gave them a good feel. It seemed something was wrong with the spray which Soonam used on my cock. Only her last words registered on my mind “…Not a problem though because shower hit prostate so he drained until we fix him up good, huh” What was that supposed to mean?

Only then she introduced herself as Greta, chief maid and trainer. Again I didn’t understand. And then she rambled on about me signing up as one of her girls?

“Wait a moment, there is some misunderstanding going on around here. I haven’t signed up as a maid or something like that, I am just visiting the pool area.”

“…so shower removed what for girl is unsightly hair and perhaps bad odor. You smell like flower shop; very nice.”

“I have never heard of these sanitation laws you speak of, but even so, don’t you agree this overdoing it a bit.”

Must admit though that she is right about the smell, although it is rather girly. I never would have chosen a smell like this. Thoughtlessly I caress my cock which shrunk quite a bit, even though I still feel very horny. I can’t help looking at Greta, as she is easily as hot as Soonam, even if she’s wearing a very decent outfit. She has nice long legs and I wonder if she is wearing stockings or pantyhose.

Greta pulls my hands from my cock again and deliberately puts them on my back. She shouts to Soonam to get me something to wear. Somehow I have the idea it won’t be a regular swimming trunk.

As Soonam goes through several drawers, Greta waits besides me, gently playing with one of my nipples. Hey, that feels not bad at all. I feel my cock and balls tingle with a strange anticipation as I watch my nipple harden and slowly protrude much more than it ever did. This is strange… and now the other one is swelling up as well… must be my sensitive skin.

Then it seems Soonam found something for me to wear…



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