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Standing naked in the shower I felt uneasy, even my cock started to shrink a bit. Outside Soonam sat down and picked up her phone. Damn, this was no time to be on the phone. My fist bounced against the thick window. Her only reaction was giving me the finger and a blow kiss. I started to think about this double meaning when suddenly the cabin filled itself with a spray of warm steamy water.

It immediately calmed my nerves as I let the warm water wash over my body. It must have been scented water because the smell of flowers was unmistakable. Oh well, this was a girls shower room so that explained the flowers. What I couldn’t explain was that my cock hardened up in a way it never had before. It was so hard that I just had to stroke it, it was a necessity!

Like a mindless zombie I stroked like crazy, ignoring that the window around me got all glazed up. In any other situation I might have cum, but now I somehow held back, as if I knew there was more to come.

And there was definitely more. With my eyes blocked by the damp I felt blasts of thick slimy stuff shooting against my body. These blasts seemed to come from all sides and within seconds my whole body was covered in thick white splashes of slimy white stuff. As the windows cleared I saw it had clear similarity’s with cum. It looked as if a whole football team had released loads of cum on to me.

I recognized the stuff by it smell, it was clearly some kind of soap. But still, the similarity’s with cum was undeniable. It was warm and equally slippery. Still being incredibly horny I rubbed the stuff all over myself. It felt so smooth and tingly at the same time, a sensation I had never felt before. The blasts seemed to keep going on and on, It didn’t miss a spot. Especially my cock got a nice thick soaping. “Damn, this is nice

I was intensifying my stroking, more than ready to cum. I spread my legs a bit when suddenly I felt two blasts of hot soapy water, one just behind my balls and another straight into my ass crack.

What the fuck!?

Instinctively I tried to move away but somehow the blasts of soapy water followed me around. As in a precision bombardment every blast hit me at exactly the same spot. The blasts were hard and almost painful but most of all inescapable. I tried it nevertheless by pushing myself against the window but it was no use.

I had never played with my ass and the sensations were new and to be honest, kind of exciting. So much so, my cock responded in sync. Without touching it with my hand I started to release my cum. Not with the regular feeling of release but more as if it was literally pushed out of me. Little did I know this was my first prostate orgasm. There must have been more than a hundred blasts to my ass and there was no way I could resist.

When the blasts suddenly stopped my cock was still hard as a rock and I felt strangely exhausted. All these sudden and new sensations took their toll. I didn’t even notice that the shower cap was taken off and a steady stream of water was raining down on me. It was so relaxing. Leaning against the window I relaxed completely.

But then there was the click of the door. I stepped out, opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was my own reflection in the mirror. I still recognized my face although it was so much smoother than it normally did, but then I looked down…

But what the…

I touched my chest and immediately I felt a completely new sensation. My whole body was cleared of every little hair and was totally smooth. Except for where the shower cap had been all my bodyhair was gone. Not under my arms, pubic hair was gone, in my ass crack. Everything was gone. The sensation when I touched myself was unbelievable. As if I was touching some girl! But at the same time my skin was so sensitive that it felt like I was the girl.

Confused was an understatement as how I felt. Partly because this was done to me, and partly because it felt so incredible. I felt so smooth, soft and sexy. I couldn’t grasp it.

What the fuck have you done to me?” I asked Soonam, both angry and strangely excited.

But even in my anger I couldn’t stop caressing myself. “This wasn’t a normal shower!”

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