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 slave stacey 

At first I am grateful to be lifted onto the bed, because without high heels it is painful for me to stand. Obviously in future I must either kneel or sit without heels and cannot walk anywhere barefoot.

I am held tight on the bed and can see nothing of what is going on. But, Mistress Lola has done something with her controller of this chastity belt and I feel as randy as a bull. But, I cannot do anything about it, I cannot touch myself, just feel frustrated and horny.

As I feel the prick of something at the back of my neck, Mistress Lola explains:

I have inserted you an implant chip from The Corporation. This is both a tracking module (GPS) and also a storage unit that contains all notes, information and training history from you, Sissy. “ 

“Very good, Mistress,” I reply. The unspoken implication is clear. I am the property of the Corporation now, al my life is implanted in that chip and, what’s more, I can never escape from it; the Corporation can always find me. 

I feel Clara get off me, but I still cannot get off the bed, Lea is still hold me down. I feel the needle where the implanted chip is. I can’t see it, but I know it is a tattoo.I am being marked as property of there Corporation.

Mistress Lola is doing something to my chastity belt controller. She tells me it is also an exercise controller. There is to be a daily workout program for me and I had better do it and enjoy it, else….



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