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Soonam’s attitude changed almost as soon as I took my place within the taped square. She hauled out and gave me a hard smack in my face. It came so unexpected that it made my head spin. This wasn’t a playful slap from a sexy mistress, no this was very real.

“Whoa, Soonam, easy with that slap” I mumbled as she made it clear how things were from her perspective. and it had nothing to do with playing with my so called boy-meat. I released my cock and she immediately grabbed the tip, held it up and sprayed some liquid on the underside of it.

The sensations the spray gave felt both cold an warm and tingly, all at the same time. Something I had never felt before. I started to feel a bit uneasy. What the hell was going on? Was this all some mistress-roleplaying? And what was the purpose of this stuff she sprayed on my cock? What did she say? ‘It stops little boys from spurting their junk?’ How was that suppose to work? Some kind of liquid seal or something? Or

‘no sexual release for you at poolside’? What does she mean by that? I’m still horny as hell. There is no way I’m not cumming within minutes. All this teasing she and Carol did made it impossible not to cum.

“Hey look here, ‘Miss’ Soonam. What is this all about? I don’t understand.” Somehow I started to realize there was going on more than just some plain teasing and roleplay. Yes, I understood that I passed a line by spying on the girls at the pool but where was this going?

Next thing she put this ridiculous shower cap on my head; pink with white polka dots, the thing even had a bow on it. From the corner of my eye I saw myself in one of the plentiful mirrors. Even on my manly body it still looked ridiculous.

For a moment I considered stepping over to the locker where my clothes were. One look at it; a digital numbered lock, red light blinking, made me realize that station passed. And at the same time Soonma was so deliberate in her actions and attitude, there was no way I could resist her. Maybe only with force, but that would be really out of bounds.

Before I knew it she pushed me into this transparent shower tube.” WAIT! I’ll operate the shower from out here”. Any other way wouldn’t be possible, there weren’t any knobs I could turn.

She closed the door behind me and I heard a lock fall in place. There barely came a sound from outside and I felt strange in such a small confined space. I tried to ease myself, think happy thoughts. This is just a plain shower and in about ten minutes I will be walking around the pool with all kinds of beautiful girls, snapping nice pictures phone to make my friends realize what they were missing.


“Not too cold please, Miss Soonam!”

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