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The required time has passed and the transformation has been done. Stanley is now Stacey. I look at her and she really is beautiful. Nice tits, nice body, her arms an legs have been shaped accordingly tp her new body, her face is really feminine and beautiful. She continuos bald but it’s something it will be correct later. And I gave her a final touch, I let the machine reduce her small cock to a tiny one. It looks more like a clittie.

“Clara and Lea, please hold the sissy with legs open.” And I open the big box and take a Sissy Link Chastity Belt and from the smaller box a collar with her name. “I hope you like them because they will stay on you for a long time.”And I show her the chastity belt and the collar with her new name: Stacey.

“Sissy, your new name will be Stacey and you gave us legal authorization to change your name Stanley Smallcock for the name we want. Maybe Stacey Mouthfull could be a possibility, but first we wait to know your habilites as sissy.”

I take the sissy link chastity belt, and put it on Stacey, close it and press the button for configuration and automatic setup. After a few minutes, the setup has finished and the belt is ready for denying orgasms to Stacey. She will have a long time of frustration.

Finally I take the collar and put it around her neck and an audible click says the collar is in place and Stacey can not remove it without help. Everyone will now her sissy name: Stacey.

“Sissy Stacey, a pair of final touches and you will be ready for the next step. Do you like your new body, your tits, your clittie, your collar, your chastity? In other words, you like your new YOU? Tell me.”


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