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 slave stacey 

My last chance to escape this nightmare has come and gone. With Clara and Lea grabbing me by the arms to make sure I can’t get away, I am marched, naked but for these ridiculous shoes, to a room that likes like a hospital operating theatre. I am ordered to kick off my shoes and put on this skin-tight catsuit. I am relieved that I am no longer naked, but the catsuit is like another skin and Clara and Lea delight in man-handling me into it. As we struggle to get me into the suit, I feel the stirrings of an erection, perhaps the last I will ever have. The thought chills me as I am forced onto the bed and strapped to it.

I am injected with something that immobilises me and Ms Lola explains the procedure to come. It is as bad as ever I thought and now I have no hope of escaping the inevitable. I feel the sensors in the catsuit probing every millimetre of my body. I can hear the hum of a machine as it collects the information from the sensors and see Ms Lola with some apparatus over her upper body. It seems to take hours for this process, though in fact is takes probably less than ten minutes.

The apparatus over Ms Lola retracts into the ceiling of the room and now the process is about to start.

“Sleep well,” Ms Lola tells me, smiling almost benignly, and when you awake from the sedation you will be a new person, your wish will come true, you will be a pretty sissy.”

I feel the injection going into my neck and just before I lose consciousness, I have a vision in my head

I drift into sleep, vaguely realising that Mr Coombs has beaten me.



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