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Soonma was the ultimate tease. I barely signed the contract or she bumped me aside, probably all to aware it made the pressure on my cock even more intense. “Easy, Soonma, there isn’t a price to win here”. She signed her initials on the contract and I thought she gave Carol a wink.

I was just about to ask the girls if they wanted to get their picture taken with me (imagine the look on Josh and Jeremy’s faces when they’d see me between these girls) when Soonma did something  unbelievable. Her hand reached down for the bulge in my pants, scooped up my pre-cum and put it right in front of my face. What? did she want me to lick it off? embarrass me in front of Carol?

I was just parting my lips to tell her ‘no way’ when she put her wet finger on her lips and licked my juices of them as if it were the sweetest ice cream. This was so fucking hot that my pre-cum became a steady stream leaking down my pants.

But it wasn’t over, next she slipped her hand in her panties, stuck her fingers in her pussy and moved those fingers up to my nose, confronting me with her wetness. I was so excited by now that I gladly had licked her fingers clean. She smeared her syrupy juice under my nose and I instinctively licked my upper lip tasting it.

“Maybe we should get a room first..” I mumbled, totally enthralled by what just happened. I caressed the bulge in my pants, ignoring the wetness that has formed there. Never in my life I had met a girl who acted like this except maybe for some hot porno. I was so incredibly horny by now I could hardly think.

I barely registered the little competition the girls had, I only sheepishly smile at Carol as Soonma took me by the hand and lead me to the girls dressing room, a spacious room filled with mirrors. It felt comfortable in here but also it felt a bit strange. It was warm and humid. Perhaps not the best place to have sex.

Quote Soonma:

“OK, now is the time to restate rule about no touching because law requires all pool area people to be showered. So take off all your stuff, yup everything and put it in that locker over there. Then stand in the middle of the taped square and wait for me. Yup, I get to see you naked, perks of the job. Now move: I am your senior employee as of now so obey me like boss, ‘kay?”

Oh, fuck! Now she even gets all mistress on me! Of course I am obeying her. As fast as I can I take every thread of clothing off, “Yes, boss, of course boss” fumble it into a bundle and push it into the locker she told me. “Yes boss, I am naked for you boss!”

My cock is raging hard and dripping like crazy as I step into the square. Allthough not really necessary I give my cock a few hard strokes and use my precum to give it a nice shine. “Now I am really hard for you boss!”

Even though I can only see a bit of her, she still manages to tease me even further with her words.

“Did you know that Carol’s desk has a heat sensing camera thing at customer crotch level with screen on her monitor. I saw her Nordic skin blush as you signed the contract. That photo’s in your Employee Folder now too.” ~giggle

I don’t know why she mentions it but I immediately image it in my mind. So this Carol must have hots for me as well, why else would she take a picture off my cock. I hope she’ll join us too. With the boner I have I feel I could take a complete team.

Waiting for Soonma I keep stroking my cock, just because it feels good.

“I’m ready for you, boss… and so is my cock” I smile in anticipation of what is going to happen next.

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