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 slave stacey 

I look nervously at the penis gag and thong that I had brought into the shower-room, the image of the maid still fresh in my mind. “You have seen how you will transform in a very near future, sissy,” Ms Lola had said. You will look fabulous in a dress like that and high heels.”

I shudder at the thought, but know she will be right unless I can escape. In the meantime I have to think of what to say to her command.

“Wh-when I have your foot and toes in my mouth,” I hope I say the right thing, “I feel very submissive and, er, and I feel I am in the right place, kneeling naked like this.”

Unbidden, an image forms in my mind.

Please no! But, I have to say “I would like you, Ms Lola, and Clara and Lea, to turn me into a good sissy.”


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