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Just as I felt my penis begin to soften, your hands slip around it through my pants.  I inhaled sharply inadvertently taking in a whiff of your aromatic lipstick.

The combination got me hard again in an instant. Not again… I thought to myself, as I stopped my hand from reaching towards my hair, freezing it in mid-air.

You begin to talk as I let out a small whimper “We are definitely in the right place or I wouldn’t have brought you here and if you rearrange your hair band without permission, this interview is over.” My hand shoots back down to the purse handle. You continue; “Look at yourself in the mirror with your pretty purse, dyed long blond hair and red-banded pony tail. You look delicious and definitely in the right washroom.” ~ giggle 

I pout as I realize you have some merit to your conclusion, and blush at your giggle. Just my luck, only I could get myself into this situation… You move to my side. I stay silent as I study myself in the mirror. While I am still clearly a man, there were some rather girlish traits I had not noticed before that were becoming highlighted by the feminine accessories.

Feeling your eyes on me, you say; “Your arousal here and with me is a positive: We women bosses want to keep a man’s interest and focus and off-balance too in order to get things done.”

Confused, and not wanting to upset you, I stay silent, and think to myself; How am I supposed to get anything done if I’m aroused?

You continue; “Employment is here for you to lose which you can do by being dickish: In this context it means challenging my orders merely because it makes you embarrassed. If you want to feel more at ease here, maybe you could ask if I’d share my lipstick with you too; it might help.” ~giggle

So I was right… I think to myself; this is all about confidence! Realizing I’ve already come this far, I swivel towards you with my hand exposed, still blushing; “Okay Belinda, would it be alright… I mean since you suggested… I really want this job… So do you think you could share your lipstick?” The aromatic lipstick already hitting my nose. I may not be thinking straight, but I need this. Besides, if they do keep me aroused everyday, I may never want to leave. A smile appears on my face as I think about this.


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