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I look at Carol as she licks her beautiful pink lips. I feel my cock pulse in my boxers as she mentions ‘hormone-driven tough guys’. How I would love to put something hormone driven in between those lips… The good side is that she seems to make an exception for me.

As she prepares the paperwork I lean in against her desk, slowly rubbing my hardness against it.

My eyes keep wandering from her cleavage to Soonma’s boobs, to the busy lobby around us.

Where do they get these girls from? It is a question that passes through my mind without giving an answer to it. I’m being too distracted by yet another girl bending over seductively.



I listen carefully, well, at least I pretend to, as she hands me a contract. I nod my head as she talks business and repeat the main things

“yes, a temporary provisional employee for watching the girls in the pool” I give her a playful wink.

So I get a job as well!

“…yes, a liability clause, of course. Banana’s are a real risk. You can’t be to careful with them. I know everything about that!” I say as I reposition my cock which is struggling with my boxers.

“15 dollars?!”

I am getting paid for this as well? I can’t believe my luck!

“Oh, so girls can touch me but I can’t touch them? Sounds unfair” I give another wink. For a moment I think of touching Soonma’s ass with an ‘So I can’t do this?’remark but decide against it. It would be a pity if that would bet he reason to cancel this deal.

“Ok, so I sign here with the date of today. Let me write down my bank number as well.”

As I intend to read the contract, well at least pretend to read the contract, suddenly the smell of strawberry’s enters my nose, causing a bit of confusion. “Whoa… that’s nice… I think” I am not really sure what caused it but it somehow scents really intense.

I just sign the contract without further ado. “Well let’s get to the pool then, shall we?”

Then I realize my clothing isn’t really appropriate. For a moment I stare down myself. My bulge is undeniable, there is even a little wet spot from my pre-cum pressing through my jeans.

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