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Unfortunately she stopped her foot action just before my climax. As so many girls before her she left me with blue balls. With a simple movement from her head she gave word to the other two girls to pick me up.

It seemed I wasn’t a thread anymore as I presumed I was. One of the girls gave me a playful smack on my ass as I accompanied Soonam tot he main building.

“I am Ben Willings, I live practically round the corner but I never been this close to Melandren. I was passing by and I… eh”


“… was distracted by the nice pool. It’s such a beautiful day and I thought ‘why not take a dip’.”

Pleased to hear that they were always looking to attract hunky guys like me, I smiled as charming as I could, trying not to get distracted by her nice bouncing tits and ass. Just knowing that she regarded me as hunky was good enough to make my day so this was going great. I bet that within the hour I’ll be sipping on cocktails by the pool.

While walking I tried to get my clothes back in some kind  of working order. Which wasn’t that easy with my jeans totally in shambles and my cock trying to free itself constantly.

I was impressed by the lobby. And the girls in here! All so sexy and attractive and looking hot in their professional outfits. Everyone was smiling kindly at my ravaged outfit and I became very aware I was totally under dressed in this place.

A bit embarrassed I smiled at beautiful Carol behind the desk, hoping that my smile would help to give me an access card tot he pool.



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