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“Lola, come with me.” says my Mistress angry, smacking my ass and yanking me from the hair. We go to a punishment room and takes all my clothes and I have to dress very sexy.

When we come back I have to sit down on a high stool and then my Mistress takes some ropes. And she ties my arms at the back in what is called a reverse prayer position, hands palm to palm and looking upwards. It’s a very demanding position.

Next she ties a rope along my pony tail.

Next she decides to insert in my mouth the biggest ball gag I have seen, a beautiful big red ball gag tied until the last notch. It entered with a loud plop.

She has done a rope harness with my using my neck, arms and breasts. Tight ropes around my tits make them look as balls with the nipples sticking out and becoming very sensitive.

Not happy with that, she ties a very tight crotch rope and ties my ankles and over my knees.

Then, with the help of the girls she lies me down on the floor.

She ties my ankles with my thighs, preparing me for a hog-tie position.

She ties a rope at my ankles and she passes it through my neck rope harness and do that several times. My feet are firmly tied to my back making me arch. The final touch is when she takes the rope tied to my pony tail and ties it to my ankles, as strong ash se cans. I can´t lower my head and it is stretched back in a very demanding position.

Finally she places me in front the girl with the boots, near her feet.

“I think sissy lola has changed her mind and she would like to smell your boots.”, and then she takes the boot from the girl, place over my face, being sure my nose is inside the boot where the zip ends and tie it firmly with a rope.


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