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Too late, because Mistress says: Show the girls just how sorry you are. I want you to kiss ad lick their shoes. I also want to tell just how much you enjoy being my sissy.”

And then she frees the lower part of my face and removes my gag. It’s not easy to talk after the time I had the gag but I say as I can: “Yes Mistress, this sissy maid is very sorry for spilling some drinks.”

Quickly I move to the first girl. She wears wonderful golden high heeled sandals and her toe nails were painted dark red.

I kissed her toes and sticking out my tongue I licked them. She was liking it, having a sissy at her feet licking her shoes and feet.

“This worthless sissy maid is very fortunate to have a Mistress that spends part of her time in humiliating her and she teaches me what is my place in life:  Always at her feet and to fulfill her wishes. I blush because is quite humiliating to say these words in front of so many girls.

Then I move to the next one (there are a lot of girls in that party) that is wearing a pair of black strap stilettos with platform.

I kissed the shoes and then I begin to lick them. I can see some drops of the spilled drinks on them. I like the taste of the leather from her shoe with the drink.

I continue with the humiliation. “Being Mistress’s sissy is a joy for me because I don’t have to think in important things, my only goal is making her happy and to be ready when she requires me.”

I continue licking and this girl steps her free shoe on my back and I feel her sharp heel pressing on my skin. After a while, when she takes her foot from my back, I move to the next girl.

This time, the sitting girl makes me lie down on the floor, facing up and puts her black pump shoe on my mouth, forcing me to lick her stiletto heel. I love it and this girl knows who manage a sissy. She needs no word, only a movement and I know what is expected to me. And of course I had to suck her stiletto heels.

“I enjoy very much when Mistress decides to practice bondage on me. When she finishes, usually I can hardly move and she likes to let me for long periods of time and from time to time she comes to tell me how pretty and accessible I am there tied out or how much she likes to have there for what she wants. When I’m so helpless and I have her attention, this sissy is full of joy. And I enjoy very much when she has other Mistresses with her and play with me.” It’s really humiliating being in that position and have all the girls laughing.

And then I move to the next one. She is sitting and wearing a pair of fabulous shiny reddish femenine trousers. I can´t see well her shoes, because in her position, the trousers are showing  me only the tip of what looks like platform pumps. And I can see the end of her stiletto shoe.

When I arrive to her, I see that she has a smile in her face. She points me the bottom of the trousers and wants me to lift it at her knee level. I do it and I discover that her shoes are beautiful knee high leather boots with stiletto heels!

She is wearing that boots in summer! I begin to lick the boot (what a pleasure) when she says: “Not so easy for you sissy. You have offended us spilling the drinks and you need a real punishment for that. I was expecting that moment. When your Mistress told me 2 days ago that be had that party and that we would have fun with submissive sissies, I haven´t cleaned my feet since then and I have when wearing those boots. I know any of the sissies would fail, and you are the lucky sissy. Now take my boot and smell and lick it, sissy!”

And the rest of the girls laugh including my Mistress. I zipped down the zip of the boot and begin to remove her boot. The smell is so strong that I remove my face from her foot and I cover my nose to avoid the smell.

“How do you dare, sissy? You are refusing the gift that a Mistress gives you?”

The things are going wrong for me and my Mistress says: She does need to be punish, I have the perfect answer  for her.”


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