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It was really humiliating for him and that was the plan. Each time he is thinking more an more to be a sissy and is becoming more insecure as a man.

“Thank you for your collaboration” I say to the group. And then I say to Stanley, “You stammered a little but you have done it quite well. It’s clear that you are beginning to love the idea to be a sissy. Don´t worry, with effort and my help you will be transformed in a pretty sissy.”

Unfortunately we don´t meet anyone else and we arrive to the shower room.

“Now Clara and Lea will take your fiddle and the harness from your balls.

  • You will enter the shower cubicle and take a shower
  • you shut the water and use this pink lotion and make sure it foams up all over your body from the top of your head to your toe nails and everything in between. Be careful with your eyes.
  • Leave it on you for five minutes
  • and then you can wash it off you.”

We can see all you are doing inside the shower cubicle, don’t try to cheat us .



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