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Stanley says: “I selected box 2 to please Ms Lola and in this nightgown and shoes, I feel so sexy and… and… I want Ms Lola to make me into a sissy.”

“Not bad for the first time but you will improve with practice.”

Then I remove her thong, and her balls protrude below the nightgown. I take another accessory, a ball harness and a leash. I put the harness around his balls and put it really tight. I don´t lock it because his hands will not touched it.

I approach to him I say, having the leash tied to her balls in my hands:

“Now we leave the room to go to the shower room. Don´t think in doing something stupid as trying to escape. First, Clara and Lea will come with us, second you are in heels and yo cant remove them, third I have the leash and if you try to escape I will hang you from your balls, clear?

We will walk through some corridor and is possible that we find people. I want that you say to everyone we find, man or woman the following: 

I’m a sissy and Ms Lola is helping me to make my dream real. I love wearing this sexy nightgown and heels and I can wait to apply myself make-up.

You will say that to everyone, if you find a group, you repeat it to all members of the group.

Now I want that you practice with Clara, Lea and me before we leave.”




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