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He is thinking a little and finally he says: Box 2, Ms Lola”

I give a disapproving look to him because he tries to deceive me.

“Clara and Lea, looks like that the little slutty sissy is coming out from Stanley. He or should I say SHE wants to dress with a little thong, barely covering her ass super sexy silk nightgown and pretty high heels with platform. We are not going to take away the illusion of dressing as a woman, a sexy and slutty woman.”

I give the clothes to Clara an Lea and they help Stanley to dress. 

“Not bad but I think I can add accessories.” I go to another closet and bring what is called a fiddle. It’s placed around the neck and the wrists go in the front part.  When closed and locked, the slave, in that case the sissy, has her hands and arms in a very restrictive position in front of her and is very accesible.

“Much better. Now I’n sure you won´t try to take your clothes. Good try trying to deceive me, little sissy.”

Then I go to my computer and send an email that I had prepared previously.

“Before we leave to the shower room, I want you to say, with your most sexy voice, why do you selected box 2 and how do you feel with that sexy nightgown and sexy high heels and how much do you like to be transformed in a sissy.

You better do it well and you convince me or I will shut your mouth with another accessory.”


“Believe me, you won’t have that gag in your mouth your first day and without practice. We are waiting, you can start.”




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