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He has an outburst and is getting hysterical. Well he has decide the tough way.

“Clara, Lea, please come in!”

Quickly the door opens and Clara and Lea are inside the room. I know they would be ready to my call.

“Ms Lola, can we help you?”, Clara says.

“Yes Clara, Mr Small.. Cock is getting hysterical. Face slap him once and sit him down on HER chair.”

Clara follows quickly the order and face slap Stanley once. She knows how to face slap! It has sound very loud and Stanley’s cheek has the mark of Clara’s hand.

He stops arguing and Clara and Lea sit HER down on the chair, they stand close to the chair, Clara in one side and Lea in the other side.

I look at him smiling.

“Small…Cock, you have decided, your decision has been taken and you can´t change it. You prefer the tough way, good for me. In fact I really prefer it. You will see that your decision will have consequences … in future decisions.”

I move to a closed closet, open it and take 2 boxes. I put them on the table and they are labelled with numbers 1 and 2.

Of course I know the content of the boxes but first I stand in front of Stanley and say.

“Stanley, I want you completely naked and quickly. Everything, including your underwear. “




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