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“The first part of the training is to prepare the trainee for the training. In your case, Mr Coombs has participated actively in the customization of your training and has given exactly what requirements will have your new job. Because in your case you will work with women and you have to understand how they think, what they do, how they act, in other words, a fully immersion in the world of the women is required.

In this first part of the training you will have a lot of people that will work on you, me the first, to make possible your preparation for the second part. 

All this first part will happen in the installations from The Corporation. Everything you need will be provided by The Corporation. How long it will last? In depends on your collaboration and willingness.”

I make a pause because I want he understand well my words. Then I look him straight in the eyes

“Do you want to collaborate and make the things easier or you want to resist and make the things worse for you?”



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