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–From the hall to Ms Lola’s office–

The man goes in direction to the staircase and Clara stops him.

“Hey you, not the staircase, we will use the elevator, the office is in level 47”.

Meanwhile Lea has pressed the button to call the elevator.  There are several elevators but she has chosen the small one for 4 person only.

The elevator arrives and Lea enters first, then Stanley and the last is Clara. Lea turns around and faces Stanley. Clara press the button for level 47.  Clara and Lea are wearing very high heels and are taller than Stanley. They press each one Stanley from both sides, Lea’s tits are almost on his face, and Clara’s tits are pressing his back.

Finally the elevator arrives to level 47 and the doors open. Lea turns around and says to Stanley: “Follow me!” 

We are in a corridor full of doors and Lea stops in one of them and knocks at the door.

–Inside Ms Lola’s office–

Lola is waiting inside her office. She verifies another time all the information she has about Stanley. And then someone knocks the door.

“Enter please” shouts Lola.

The door opens and the face of Lea appears. “Ms Lola, the visit you expected is here”

“Lea, thank you, make him enter please. You and Clara can wait outside and I call you if I need you”

“Yes Ms Lola, we wait outside. Mr Stanley, you can enter.”

A man in suite and tie and that is somewhat embarrassed, appears in front of me and enters the room. Lea closes the door.

I’m sitting on my table with my ipad in my hands, my blouse shows a great cleavage, my leather skirt is over the knee showing my desirable legs, and my high heeled sandals show my feet. I’m looking at him with a dominant look. Intentionally I don´t offer him the hand. This whole pose has been studied to make him confused, embarrassed, nervous and leave him out of place. I want to control the situation and not let him thinking with clarity.

With a strong a dominant voice I say: “Welcome Mr Stanley. Please take a seat and tell me what do you know and expect from the training course you will assist?”

He hasn´t seen the chair for the moment but I want to see his reaction when he sees it. And you have to be careful because is quite inestable and it does not let you concentrate sitting on it.

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