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I received a call telling me that I have been assigned a new induction. I have reviewed all the documents and contracts and all are correct.

Mr Coombs, an important customer from The Corporation, will sent one of his employees to us. This employee is thinking he will do here an important training course focused in customer service. This course will open him new opportunities and an important promotion in the company where he is working.

He is a male and he aspires to his boss’s job, Mr Coombs job. Well, looks like Mr Coombs has another idea and the employee will be reallocated in a less threatening job after the training course.

The phone calls and the number is from reception:

“Ms Lola speaking”

“Ms Lola, I’m calling you from the reception. The employee sent by Mr Coombs, the visit you expected, has arrived.”

“That’s perfect. Can you tell Clara and Lea to escort him to my office?”

“Of course Ms Lola. I call them right now and they will show him the way to your office, Ms Lola. Bye.”


I can´t stand a smile on my face. I’m imaging the face of this man when he sees that Clara an Lea will escort him to the office.

I know Clara and Lea, members of the security guard of The Corporation. They are well trained and they like what they are doing, specially when the people don´t follow the orders. It’s better that he behaves or he can get in real trouble.





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