Reply To: She made me do it

 Brandy Wiles 

NPC Bobbie Spanx:

I tell my self that he wants this too, that he isn’t running away from this because He would have asked me to do it if I wasn’t already throwing my self at him. I know it’s not true, and if he knew what I really was he would probably be pissed off. Yet here I am, taking this mans cock out of his boxers and pulling his pants down around his ankles.

“Thank you! I have a real problem, I just can’t get enough sucking cock.. It’s like the hottest thing for me, giving head to a stranger I just met. Oh gosh…”

I fan my self off, my eyes closing just briefly enough for me to brace my self. Before I know it, my lipstick covered lips are wrapped around his cock, suckling it for all I’m worth.

The sounds that are coming from my mouth will stick with me for the rest of my life. I’ve heard them so many times on the other end of this, but here I was slurping and licking at his hard shaft like it was everything to me.

Brandy Wiles:

*clears my throat to get their attention*

I stand behind the desk, clearly upset at the sight I see unfolding before me. I’m dressed in a smart, business casual outfit, a pencil skirt that comes down to just above my knee’s and a top that doesn’t show off my tits like some of the girls in this place.  I look relaxed, yet besides the striking pink hair style, ready for actual work.

“Are you happy with your self Bobbie? Are you seriously sucking off another guy?”

Bobbie looks behind her, the cock dragging across her blushing face. A little bit of spittle is trailing from her cheek to the head of his cock.

“I even let you finish the last guy off, are you really doing this AGAIN! *Huff*”

I look towards the man with his cock in the sluts face.

“I think you were my next interview, but I can see you had better things to do than keep this professional. Pull up your pants, I don’t know if I can really trust someone who let’s a girl he barely knows give him head.”

My voice is cold and to the point, a sickening twinge tainting my demeanor.

“If I didn’t know your girlfriend personally, I would call the interview off here and now. But, I promised her I would give you a chance. I think I’m doubting that decision, but… ”

I hold the folder with your paper work in it close to my chest, waiting to see if you have anything to say that can defend your self.



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