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 Felicia Wood 

When Miss Daniels calls, I obey her… especially when there’s a big thick cock involved. After a gentle little knock, Miss Daniels invites me inside. I walk into the room, and see a poor little man tied to the bed. Fortunately, I’m perfectly dressed for bedtime. Slowly, I walk over to the edge of the bed with my cutest walk and sexiest smile…

“Hi, baby”, I purr as I lean over and sit on the edge of the bed. “My name’s Felicia. What’s yours?”

I lean back and face him. I let my long legs stretch out before him, letting my one foot move closer and closer to his exposed cock. My red painted toes peeking through my stockings, and ever so close to his trembling and swollen cock. I lean back and toss my hair, making sure that he sees my painted smile and ample breasts.

“What’s that, baby?”, I say in my sex kitten voice. “Ooh… you’re gagged and tied up, I didn’t notice that…”

I gently stroke the inside of his thigh with my foot.

“That’s ok, baby. I know what to do…”

Stretching out, I crawl slowly across the bed, over the tied up man in the bed. He muffles and shakes as I crawl over him slowly. I hope he doesn’t see my sissy clitty squirm through my belt, because he’s so cute and turning me on. But I do make sure that the hem of my baby doll nighty gently tickles the head of his cock. It takes a couple of minutes to do it right, but soon I’m sitting on his belly. Not enough to crush him or make it hard for him to breathe, but definitely close enough that I can feel the heat of his cock just an inch away from my ass.

As I speak, I gently let my fingers trace little lines and circles along his chest, my red painted fingernails shining brightly before him.

“It’s not that often I get to be all alone with a cute hunk alone in bed. You see (biting my lip), I’m not supposed to… play… with boys! When I’m all alone with a man, it drives me crazy. All I can think about is what they would do me. Mmmm… so strong and powerful, so dominant.”

I arch my back and bring my hands to my chest, playing with my breasts which I slip out of the baby doll.

“If a man… a real man… wanted to have his way with me, there is nothing I could do to stop him. He could throw me down on the bed and take me. He could make me his little fuck doll, and do whatever he wanted to. And I would take it, and let him do anything he wanted, anything he desired…”

I then let out a wicked smile and lean as far forward as I can, like a cat. My one hand finds his earlobe and begins playing with it, as my mouth goes over to his other earlobe, where I whisper warmly into his ear…

“Of course, that’s not you, is it baby? You’re all tied up on this bed. You can’t move. You can’t speak. You can do anything to me that I want you to do to me…”

I let my tongue dance across his earlobe before I put the hook in him.

“… but I can do anything I want to do to you, baby…”

I spend the next few minutes gently kissing his earlobes and the nape of his neck. As I do so, I gently rock my hips back and forth on top of him. Not just to turn him on, but because I’m so turned on by his body. I’m so horny in my belt, and I want him to feel as naughty as I do. And all the while, I feel his cock gently caress the hem of my baby, and every once in a while brush against my warm, curvy bottom.

“Oooh, you like that, don’t you baby?…”, I purr as I rise up. His eyes are wide and pleading. He keeps trying to speak and move, but the bonds keep him still and silent.

I lean forward so that my face is nearly touching his own. As I adjust my body, I look him deep into my eyes. I lock onto his gaze and do not blink. My hair dances around his face, and I just know he can smell my perfume and my fruity hair product mixing in with his sweet sweat. I want him to be locked into this moment as long as possible. When he smells this fruit ever again, I want him to immediately remember my being in bed with him.

I eventually break the gaze and start planting small kisses all along his body. Soft, sweet kisses. He moans whenever he hears my lips smack, and whenever I moan slightly. His body is so delicious. I take my time, working down, enjoying every square inch of his shoulders… of his chest… of his abs…

As I find his cock, swollen and red, I look back up at him with a wicked smile. My eyes lock into his again as I slowly plant gentle kisses all along his cock and his balls. I can feel it swell and twitch as I plant little red kisses all over. I see the mark of my lipstick on his cock, and I smile. It’s as if I’m branding his cock. It’s mine now, I think to myself, as I let it into my mouth, and slowly slide down my throat. It’s hard to tell where there is more heat… from my hungry, wanting mouth… or from his large, delicious cock.

A knock on the door interrupts us, as I quickly sit up with a gasp, doing my best to look like a naughty mistress who has just been caught in the act…


My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!

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