Reply To: Brian arrives for his new internship

 Brian Jaenlee 

I’m guided into the next room.  It’s filled with what looks like a combination doctor/dentist office.  “What’s up with all the equipment?” I ask trying to regain a look of confidence.  I remove my coat which was already unbuttoned and hang it up on a peg on the wall.  I almost loose my balance as I remove my dress shoes and set them aside.  I pull over my shirt over my head revealing an almost completely hairless torso.  My complexion looks as though I do get some sun. Thai skin tends to turn too dark when we get a lot of sun, so I try not to stay in the sun more than I have to. My body is not muscular, but still toned as I have kept in shape by running.  I unbutton my trousers and let them drop revealing a pair of blue boxer shorts and a pair of legs that, much like my torso, are not too hairy and toned.  “Okay, I think I’m ready, sir.”



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