Reply To: Chris still cuffed, horse from sobbing and eyes swollen from tears….


Wha..Yennefer I am to be Yennefer now  ::smiles sadly:: I will obey you Miss. Yennefer will give you no trouble. just hoped you could help miss.  Yennefer wants to make no trouble especially for you kind sweet  Miss.  If Miranda comes or if Miranda does not I..Yennefer must accept it.  Yennefer keeps saying her name to hear it, resign herself to it, and,respond quicker to it. Miss

Yennefer understands she is property……of a corporation?   That she is totally powerless.  That everyone she  now sees is superior to her.  Yennefer is a lowly…..thing.  Yennefer is a “newbie” sissy. Yennefer does not understand really what that means but accepts it.

****She looks up at the darling maid girl…****

Yennefer will obey you Miss…..

****she realizing at that moment she does not know the name of possibly her only friend in the world.****

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  • “I can see why Miranda is not that interested in you. 

    ***shivers at the sudden chill as her genitals are exposed, she tries to cover them but them cruel cuffs still bind her arms****

    ****Yennefer looking quite confused ask****

    Is there a problem miss did Yennefer hurt her genitals as she struggled?

    ****concerned her privates may be damaged she chews hard on her lip and waiting for an answer instead the striking maid inquires about her new name****

    Oh Yennefer…she was a beautiful girl in a video game I used to play I would stare and stare and lust madly  for that artificial woman when Miranda a real and a very beautiful woman was right there with me.  Now I lost Miranda,my whole life and my whole world.  It is funny I lusted for the imaginary Yennefer now I will HAVE to be the real  Yennefer forever.

    **** soft tears start to fall again**** Yennifer has no right to ask for anything and is owed nothing Miss but could someone cut these cuffs from my arms they hurt so badly and I cannot use by arms to dress or serve.

    ****she lowers her eyes and fears punishment for making the request, she waits to see how bad things are going to get****



</section> OOC BElow is Mirands the bit** that sent Chris here


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