Reply To: Jonathan arrives at the Corporation

 Diana Kennedy Leone 

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“Sweetheart I like to believe that I didn’t do this on purpose because I know I didnt. I merely am the facilitator for the corporation and I do what they say to do.</p>
What is going to happen is that you will still have your opportunity to attend school because the corporation has a school for teaching new recruits like yourself gow to be a lady and because you are such a very special case for me I have decided that you will wear a collar of protection. you will be under my care and control during your lifetime spent here and if you EVER need anything you come to me and I will help you. anybody who messes with you will find themselves the next person on my operating table who will be in line for some major surgery and I won’t guarantee the end result will be a pleasant experience.”


With that she pulls from her nurse’s bag a collar


after placing it on her she consoles her with a big big hug and dries her tears before letting her know everything is going to be alright from now on.


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