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The slurping sound leaves little to the imagination.  I roll my eyes.  This is one of those cases where there is absolutely no sympathy for what is about to happen to this jerk.  I debate whether to let him finish or not.  His smug demeanor makes the decision.  Normally I would let the guy cum, as it makes belting them much easier in many ways.  Plus it is a good training experience for Sissy’s like Candy.

But this guy has rubbed me the wrong way… being edged BEFORE being put into the belt apparently makes it infinitely worse.  Once a Sissy is in the Sissylink Belts, their dicks can’t get hard and with their testicles tucked up inside of them, there is not much room for cum backup.  Not that the endless arousal is not already unbearable… but every study we have done has shown that having a backup of cum before being belted makes the arousal perpetually doubled.  Flicking through the profile on the new acquisition, I start making some choices for his development.

We will want the tiniest sheath… something that makes that cock he’s so proud of shoving into Candy’s mouth, virtually disappear.  Not to mention it will be that much more uncomfortable and humiliating.

I also click the option that delays his milking.  All Sissies are milked within their first week.  Mainly it is a way to cement their new status.  We’ve also found over the years that by the end of the first week, the arousal tends to be so extreme that Sissies become virtually unable to think of ANYTHING else … and it actually becomes detrimental to training.  Yet there is something about this one… something about the attitude… An extra week before that first milking will make him fail almost every lesson, command or even simple task.  He will be punished for his own slutty bimboness… and by the time he is milked he will beg for it.

I know I need to go interrupt them before he spurts into the slut’s mouth… but I make one final click on his file.  Extra training on ‘Oral’ and ‘How to please men’.  He will regret this one moment for the rest of his life.

I let myself smile at the situation even as I walk back into the room.

“What is going on?” I say with a convincing amount of feigned surprise.

“Candy!  Stop that!”

The little bimbo slut looks at me confused, the cock still her slutty mouth.

“You little slut.  Get off of him!”

She blushes bright red and her lips leave his cock with a suctioned pop.  He was definitely very close to completion.  Caught it just in time.

Candy’s lipstick is all over his cock and smeared all over the Sissy’s face.  She tries to adjust herself even as she stands, fixing her stockings to be straight even as her new tits literally pour out of her blouse.

“And you… how DARE you do this!  Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you’re in?”



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