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I am not sure what it means to be a sissy here but it is my fate and I will do my best this is my world now. I will never try to run or escape I have nowhere to go. You have my word and I would not want you in trouble.

I would like to say if only you are the only one to ever hear it.  I accept MIRANDA’s collar.  I want HER collar. I will fear for Miranda, and, I will endure pain for Miranda. All I will do and endure I now WILLING do for Miranda.  Also my virginity will always hers for the taking.

I would not lie.  I read once when a man lies he murders some part of the world.  Misplaced perhaps but it will always be so none the less.

****He draws in a deep breath and tries to prepare for the collar which will be with him hes is told till the end of his days.

Sweet lady my friend I hope…my only friend now…please help me see her one last time.  I want to tell her if this ismy fate….I..willingly…accept it now…out of LOVE for….my….formerly my…Miranda.

**** with the sound, the click which will always ring in his ears he hear her say the sweet maid girl say***                “That won’t last for long sweetie, not when you find out exactly what she has signed you up to.”

****He shakes his head, noticing the weight and tightness of the collar, he knows his LOVE for Miranda will endure all that is to come.****

****He willing and without a word of protest accepts being stripped****




****The maid has seen many men’s genitalia but his is in fact extremely, extremely small much smaller than what would be considered normal***

****Now naked, now in a collar, now living in fear, and, dreading the pain to come The raw feeling and the burning sensation still in his arms from the cuffs grip on them. He looks up at the gorgeous maid who he hopes is his friend, his only friend, now and he whispers to her as if in prayer****

Please help me see her one last time. ****He smiles softly at her, truly hoping she likes him, truly hoping she will help him see Miranda again****  Please, oh please.



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