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I watched myself transform from a pretty feminine brunette to a hot seductive brunette that I never thought possible as Gia applied layers after layers of makeup on my face.

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For my lips, she used a beautiful shade of pink that matched my now glittery pink nails, a thin black eyeliner on my eyes, ending with a sexy cat-eye, making my eyes look bigger, reddish brown eyeshadow for the perfect smokey look, drawing attention to my eyes.

“All done sweetbun!” Gia says to her newly finished masterpiece as she looks in the mirror.

I was hot. If I had walked down the street and met this woman, I would’ve chosen to go out with her and get laid. I would totally fuck myself if I could right now. The feelings being reinforced by the lovely but frustrating vibrations from my chastity belt, edging me over and over again. I was taking short breaths, feeling so aroused just looking at my own reflection. “I’m….hot. I never thought….that…was possible…how….w…what….Gia….you certainly are….amazing….oh….” as the vibrations randomly turns on again, bringing close to the edge once more eliciting yet another moan from me. “Please make it stop…let me cum….I’ll do whatever you say…” I mumbled softly, but loud enough for Gia to hear me.

  • This reply was modified 9 months, 4 weeks ago by  Erika.
  • This reply was modified 9 months, 4 weeks ago by  Erika.


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