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As I sat down on the chair, Gia begins cuffing my hands and my legs. At the same time, the belt buzzed to life. The vibrations from the cage grew stronger and stronger, making me very aroused. I started to feel very hot and bothered, my breath quickened as I approach orgasm, but just as I was on the edge, it stopped. Leaving me wanting for more, feeling frustrated that it ended so soon. I watched as Gia did her magic, applying extensions to my short black hair and dying it a shade of brown, with her expert skills, she styled my now long brown hair in an extremely feminine style. Already, I looked like a woman, my male self a shadow of my current look. I look into the mirror, starting to feel aroused just at the sight of the woman in front of me, the belt buzzing to life and stopping just before I could cum every single time. I tried whatever I could to get me off, but with the restraints, I could barely move. I began to whimper in frustration as I saw less and less of my self in the mirror, trying to buck my hips and grind against the chair but to no avail. I really looked amazing and pretty.

Gia looks at me and just giggles, “Someone seems to be enjoying herself, loving your new look aren’t you. Look at you moaning like a horny needy sissy girl.” She draws closer towards me, her lips just beside my ears, “we aren’t finished yet, this is just the beginning.” She giggles once more before drawing back to stand behind me, “Okay sweetie, time to say buh-bye to the old you cause it’s time for my favorite part…..Makeup!!!” she grins as the table reveals a dizzying array of makeup. “Tada! now we’re REALLY gonna have some fun! Hehehe!!”


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