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Reply To: Bethany’s downfall (private)


I looked at you in shock as I saw you barely managing to stand up from the ravaging you just took. I looked out the door and I saw the guy strutting back to his seat, pinching the ass of one of the stewardesses as she walked past before shooing away a passenger that was standing too close to his seat.

My eyes narrowed as I saw the pig casually continue on his way. No one does that to my M&R sister and gets away with it! I just needed to know how to get him back. But more immediately, I needed to help you get cleaned up.

“I cannot believe that arrogant brute. A big sports star and he thinks that he can do whatever he likes and get away with anything!” I must admit, you looked pretty hot with your post-sex look, and with your clothes being disheveled and cum dripping from you. I closed and locked the door again as I retrieved the button that had bounced onto the floor and tried to fuse it back onto your blouse with nothing more then wishful, hopeful thinking…

…It didn’t work.

I then saw how ripped your skirt was. Our M&R attire was scantily clad to begin with. This was now just a rag covering ‘some’ of you now, and it was coated in thick cum just like your stockings were. Your blouse was also so ripped that I was worried it would just ping off you at the slightest brush against anything.



I grabbed a tissue and tried to repair the damage that might have perhaps, possibly been partially my fault… maybe…? I dabbed the tissue against my tongue before starting to wipe clean some of the juice running down your leg. Without thinking, I absentmindedly dabbed the tissue against my tongue again in order to continue cleaning your stockings. Almost immediately, a switch seemingly clicked in my head and my sissylink device started to come to life in my crotch. My lips quivered as I slowly allowed my tongue to get acquainted with the taste, having momentarily stopped wiping your stockings now. I nibbled my lip shyly and looked at you before I wiped a drop of the sticky substance from your stockings and began to lick my finger clean.

This completely opened the floodgates for me as I couldn’t help but lower myself onto my knees directly underneath you as I gently started to work my tongue up the insides of your legs, trying to lap up as much of the goo onto my lips, kissing and licking you clean. When I had worked my way up your legs and thighs, my lips were now slightly parted gently resting against your crotch now and I had a dazed submissive look in my eyes. I gave a slight moan as I kissed and licked and sucked the juices that had been starting to drip from the fake pussy. I was mesmerized and hypnotized, as I clung onto your leg and lightly grabbed your buttocks and thighs for support as I continued to lick and swallow. I was in such a trance that I hadn’t realized that I had licked every drop of cum that had leaked down you, and the only reason I was becoming aware of this fact was because something was slowly triggering in my head that I wasn’t tasting any more on my lips. Upon this realization, I began to slowly wake from my daze with my tongue still hanging out as I looked up at you, now completely aware of where I was and what I just did. I averted my eyes away from yours embarrassed, as I put my tongue back into my mouth and clambered back to my feet and started to… well… wipe my mouth.



“Well, it might… erm… be a little less sticky down there now, but your stockings are still stained with…  cum… and there’s no way of hiding the damage to your skirt or blouse. Listen, erm… Wait here whilst I go get a spare set of clothes for you.”

I was desperate to give a bit of distance and time after that intimate display, and also before my cheeks would flush fully red in front of you. I unlocked the door and went to check to make sure the coast was clear, before signalling to you that I would be back asap.

“When I return, I’ll whisper our secret code at the door…” I suddenly thought about how well that ended for you.

“…Actually… on second thoughts, I’ll just say ‘It’s me Krissy.’ Now that I think about it, we probably should have just had something like that as our code, ehehe… erm…” I decided not to dwell on that logic too long and closed the door behind me a little sheepishly.




As I walked down the aisle, I approached where Jake was sitting and he was in the process of ordering a beverage from one of the stewardesses. All of a sudden he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her onto his lap to finish the order. I couldn’t believe that no one was doing anything about it. It was almost as if he was untouchable as he was this important sports team captain. The stewardess tried to hurriedly finish taking the order so that she could get back to her feet, but that didn’t stop her being met with a smack on her behind and a yelp as she tottered off towards the trolley to get Jake his order.

I started to get even more angrier as I made my way past, hiding my face as I walked past him. When I reached our seats I opened the overhead cabin compartment and rummaged around inside one of the trolleys blindly, trying to grab something that felt like clothes. I found a small bag within that seemed like it was packed with clothing options and pulled it out. The bag was sealed, and felt bulky, but had a rather stylish tag reading ‘elegant ladies wear’. This sounded perfect. I’m sure Bethany would want a time looking stylish and elegant, especially after what had just happened. I fished out a makeup bag and I was ready now.

I closed the trolley again and was just about to walk back when the calling card that one of the guys we were sitting next to fell out my pocket. I reached down to pick it up, and an idea came to my head. To me, I had just thought of the most brilliant, amazing plan to trap Jake and get our revenge, but my plan required that I acted fast. I grinned cheekily and pocketed the card before heading back to you.




When I got inside, I was brimming with excitement as I bounced on the spot excitedly as I passed you the bag with the unknown clothes inside, as well as a small makeup bag.

“Okay!! I know we were going to discuss what we should do, but I have just come up with such an unbelievable plan! *I bounce on the spot again* It’s soooo bulletproof, and it couldn’t possibly fail! But I need to get back to my seat and prepare it, as I have a time limit to get this right.”


I go to leave, but the excitement is too much for me that I swing my head back around the door again to continue.

“Okay!! I can’t keep it a secret any longer! It’s about Jake, and how we’re totally gonna get him back!! But I need to find and edit one of our M&R calling cards and I need to do it quickly. Bethany!! I’m so excited! We’re gonna be famous! Krissy and her mentor Bethany!! The M&R gurls who managed to trap and feminize an A-star sports candidate! There is LITERALLY nothing that can go wrong! *giggles* I’ll see you back after you’ve dressed.”

I close the door and skip back down the aisle to my seat to find one of our calling cards and a pen.




I leave you with the bag of clothes marked ‘elegant ladies wear’.


Inside is a little note saying: ‘Because we want you looking and feeling elegant and always desirable, even at the ‘stroke’ of midnight. Sweet dreams, my saucy sexy ladies. Mr Bangor xoxo’



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