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Reply To: Glenda's How To Find A Professional Mistress & Avoid Fakers


Dear Allison, My fantasy persona on LIL is a female dominant with a touch of the sissy, as I explained in my first post. As you revealed, I did some of what you described to fill in the blanks. In RL, I explained my true identity w/o names, or specific details. I realize this site is just about role playing, sexual fantasies, and enjoying a rich imaginary experience. In RL, I have never been involved in any BDSM, femininizations, don’t ask for money, but do love formats like this one where you can pretend anything you want to. I like the humor in some of the instructions, and the sense of fun, the creator managed to convey here. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Having fun? For me, it is. I joined the original site, lost touch, and just found this new one a few days ago. I missed you folks. It’s been awhile. Nothing about my RL is available here except what I’ve mentioned. I only say all this so none of the sissies would think my character is real. It’s made up. I don’t want anybody else either. This is not a dating site. It’s all a fun fantasy “game,” that we play here. Me too. Being in quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an excellent format here to while away the hours until we’re back to normal, or some sembalance thereof. Thank you for enlightening us. Sincerely, Lavella von Sternberg(In Character on LIL)

LaVella von Sternhagen


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