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Reply To: Kaden arrives for his “Makeover”


“I… I’m not sure. You want me to wear lipstick out in public? I’d be a laughing stock! No one would take me seriously…right? And I guess that maybe it feels nice, but guys don’t wear much more than what I did in theatre do they? I don’t know I’m just not sure about lipstick…” I say, looking at the rows of tubes on the kiosk.

As I look at the mass of makeup, one tube catches my eye. A pink, shimmery lipstick sticks out and my eyes hover on it for a bit.

“I actually recognize that one. My sisters used to use that one on me all the time. They said it was the perfect look for me so they didn’t care to use a little up on me.” I say, remembering the many makeovers and dress ups that I did with them.


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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