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Reply To: Lussy is assigned to a dorm room (are you my roommate?)


I know I’m doomed when the blonde haired bimbo is the logical one in the room. But she’s right, we probably won’t get another chance to have this sort of freedom together. And it feels like a special moment between us. She reaches out and wraps her fingers around my cock, requesting to at least use her oral skills. I’m so sensitive down there, I know I wouldn’t last a second under her lips. I think we both want more than that right now. I lean forward kissing her, I lick her earlobe and kiss her neck as we lower onto the bed. I want to stimulate every part of her. 

I continue to kiss lower on her body, journeying over her mountainous boobs, past her belly button. I take a moment to give her sissy clitty a little attention with a kiss and suckle.  It is much easy to handle in my mouth than Daddy Guard’s giant cock. It is now oozing a lot of precum, her signal she is ready for more. I move back up, stopping at her sensitive nipples once more on my way to her lips. Oh how I love my mouth on hers. 

I reach down and adjust my cock, rubbing it over the surfaces of her spread legs, until lining it up with her wet sissy hole. She is now quite lubricated with Daddy Guard’s cum as well as her own juices. This helps my cock ease into her pleasure passage like its always belonged there. My hips slowly thrust into her as I continue to kiss her lips. She turns her head to moan in pleasure, so I start to kiss on her neck. It is amazing how satisfying it feels to only care about pleasing your partner, and I want nothing more right now than to give her multiple orgasms.  

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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