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Reply To: Lussy is assigned to a dorm room (are you my roommate?)


I wipe my eyes, feeling comforted. This is just all very new to me. He was surprisingly rough, but I suppose it wasn’t as bad as I initially feared. I then grin at Jolene. And he did have an impressive sized penis. I mean, it was soo big, I was amazed you were able to handle him. I guess that’s why they make us wear these rear butt plugs to stretch us out. Her eyes brighten when we talk about cocks and being used. She tells me about some of her past experiences and that all these things happen for a reason. Maybe you’re right, it brought us closer together. I comment as I slide closer to her. She starts to tear up a little bit, happy about our new friendship. 

Her face looks funny because it is still covered in cum. I wipe some of it off with my finger, it is gooey and forming a drip that just hangs off my fingertip. Instinctively Jolene turns her head and slowly slurps it off my finger. You never waste your reward. She says as she starts to clean off the rest of her face. With her mouth full, she apologizes to me, Like, I’m so sorry Miss Lussy. I’m so greedy and stupid. You did all the work, so this is your reward. I assure her I’m fine to let her have this one. But then she beams like she just had her first brilliant idea. Your punishment, your reward. She declares and leans in to kiss me. I naturally pull away, but we are so close that she’s able to reach her cummy lips to mine. My defense melts quickly because it feels so good to finally kiss her again. I still struggle and keep my mouth pursed, but her wormy tongue tickles at my lips until she gains entry. I can feel it as the cum squishes its way into my mouth. It is fairly diluted now with her saliva which softens the flavor. I try to swallow, but it still makes me gag as I choke it down. Like, good job, Miss Lussy. *giggles* Cheers to your first reward! She says as she easily swallows the remainder. 

She looks down and sees my chastity isn’t on. And while my dick isn’t much bigger than her clitty, she can see it is at full mast. Even though she just received a thoroughly hard fucking from Guard Daddy, she is still feeling quite frisky and horny, and she offers herself to me. I kiss her again, but unsure if we should go further. Won’t we get into a lot of trouble? Maybe we should put our belts back on?


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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