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Reply To: Lussy is assigned to a dorm room (are you my roommate?)

Jolene Jiggles

Jolene sways her hips as she walks over to retrieve her nightie. Her boobs and ass jiggle with every step, hence her humiliating surname. Miss Lussy instructs her to give the cameras a show, by spreading her asshole for the camera. Jolene is then instructed to retrieve her nightie with her mouth and keep her ass cheeks spread as she crawls back over to Miss Lussy.

Just then the door opens and the same guard from earlier walks in. Jolene can see the outline of his already hard cock pressing up against his pants and it looks like a monster.

“Fuck, Sissy Jolene I saw your little show. Don’t you get enough dick during the day? I have it on good authority that you only charge $5 for a blowjob and $10 for letting someone fuck that tight little ass of yours. Well, you’re going to give me a freebie, slut whore! Drop those panties.”

Jolene curtseys and says “Yes, Sir.” She drops her panties. The guard presses a button and it releases the butt plug for both Jolene and Lussy. He roughly grabs Jolene by the hair and slams her against the wall. He quickly unzips his pants and takes out his huge 10 inch cock. Without warning and without any lube he thrusts his cock right into Jolene. She screams in pain as he begins fucking her very hard and very fast. “Yeah take that you fucking bimbo whore.” Jolene is in pain but her conditioning takes over. “Ohhh fuck me harder daddy!”

The guard continues to fuck Jolene. He turns to Lussy. “And don’t think I have forgotten about you, Lussy. I saw you encouraging her, knowing what a dumb bimbo that will do anything she is told she is. I will deal with you in a minute. But lose the lingerie, everything including the panties.”

After about five minutes he fills Jolene’s ass with a massive cum load. He lets go of her hair and she collapses into a puddle on the ground. She can only babble incoherently. “Thank you Daddy. Thank You Daddy.”

The guard walks over to Lussy and grabs her by the arm. He sits on the bed and places her over his knee. He then proceeds to spank her hard 10 times, making her thank him each time. Soon she is a blubbering mess.

The guard snarls, “Jolene get your ass up, rest time is over. Now I want both of you to come clean up the mess that Jolene made.” He gestures to his cock which is already semi-hard.

I am looking to have some fun role playing. I can play either a dominant or submissive role. My main interests include feminization, humiliation, strap-on, cross dressing, oral and anal sex, chastity, and butt plugs

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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