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Reply To: Lussy is assigned to a dorm room (are you my roommate?)


I reach back behind me and run my fingers through Jolene’s hair as she places worshiping kisses on every available surface of my ass,  awakening new sensations I’ve never explored before. I begin to think how lucky I am to have gotten her as my roommate. I slide down to my knees and turn to face her. Put your arms up in the air.  As expected, she does as she is told. Good slut, I say encouragingly. I peel up her red nightie to free up those amazing breasts, sliding it up and over her head, and toss it to the corner of the room. Now put your hands behind your head. She wiggles her body in excitement as clasps her fingers behind her neck, knowing what is coming. I stroke my hands up and down her thighs as my saliva filled mouth dives in and paints her hard nipples, gradually working and kissing my way all around just like she explored my ass. I run my tongue up and down in between her boobs, thinking how a large cock would be in heaven right here tit fucking her. I then move up and kiss a few spots around her neck and neckline where I imagine the cock cum would’ve exploded. Even though I can tell I’m making her feel good, she continues to restrain herself and stay in her assigned position. I give her a quick peck on the lips before fading back on the bed like a fainting woman. Her tits were so satisfying.

However, my buzzing chastity won’t allow me to fully relax. I greedily signal to Jolene to climb over top of me. I need you to tongue fuck my mouth. I can’t believe I’m saying such dirty things to her, but she has me really sexually charged and I’ve been craving her mouth on mine since we started. She slides towards me pressed against my body, very smoothly thanks to those well lubricated tits. She locks on my lips like I’ve been longing for.

She stretches my arms out to the sides, interlocking our fingers. I can feel her heart beating rapidly, our chests breathing into each other. I whisper to her in my sweetest voice, You’re my little whore and I love it. My lips remain slightly parted as I brace for more of her affection.

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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