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Reply To: Lussy is assigned to a dorm room (are you my roommate?)


With no hesitation, Jolene puts her needy mouth to work. Her tongue flicks against the edges of my toes, while her drooling lips sucker tightly stroking each toe in and out of her mouth. I start to rub my nipples as I watch her work her magic on my tingling toes. Her licking the soles of my feet hits all sorts of nerve endings I didn’t know I had, and it sends me over the edge. Oohmmmh, I moan out, my head dipped back and my body tightly arched. She finally starts to plant tiny kisses over the tops of my feet with devoted attention to each one, and then thanks me. I could tell from our first kiss that she was a skilled kisser, but I had no idea she was this gifted with her mouth. This chastity belt is restricting my full release, frustrating me to no end, with its quiet humming keeping me super horny.

I desperately want to start making out with Jolene now. I really need her to make my mouth her dirty little playground. But she needs to know there’s still rules to follow. She sits in front of the bed, obediently waiting on her knees. 

I sit up, and stroke my fingers gently through her soft blonde hair while smiling down on her. She looks so pretty. I grip a handful of her hair and sharply lead her body forward still keeping her on her knees. She yelps a little in surprise. I press her head down against the mattress, and position each of her arms behind her back while hiking up her nightie to reveal her gorgeous plump ass. Holding her wrists with one hand, my other open hand comes down with a *smack* against her exposed butt cheek. It pinkens immediately. I tell her, You’ll be a good sissy and do as you’re told. Say it. She repeats she’ll be good. Looking at those luscious quivering lips, I can no longer resist the urge to press my lips against hers. I lean close to her face and give all my lips to hers, it’s like rainbows. Mhmm, I purr. I break from this powerful connection and promptly sit back up into spanking position. *smack* You will always obey Miss Lussy. You are her bitch I proclaim and Jolene grunts in pain, then affirms. I lean and kiss her again. I enjoy this little pattern of punishment and reward. Her lips are so moist and soft. I want this to go on, but I need to feel her body pressed against me so badly! *smack* Her butt bounces up slightly as my hand connects. I lift her head up to mine. Now get on the bed and show me your appreciation for my kindness.

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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