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Reply To: Lussy is assigned to a dorm room (are you my roommate?)


I sit up to face the new girl. My first thought is she doesn’t sound the brightest, but I try not to judge, as she has a sweet voice that instantly puts me at ease. I blush at her comments about my appearance. I look down at my clothes, This is just what they gave me. 

I decide to try and be friendly. Hi, I’m Lussy. Did you have any trouble finding the place? But my joke appears to cause her some confusion as she looks back at the door and then me several times, like maybe she went into the wrong room. Feeling bad for her, I decide rather than a formal hand shake, I should offer a welcoming hug. 

Her mood seems to immediately brighten at this embrace. Clearly she’s a hugger! I hold the hug a little too long because I’m surprised how good her boobs feel against me. Maybe it was the long day of teasing or relief that this girl I’m to spend the night with seemed so nice, or maybe simply her perfect blonde hair, but I suddenly found myself give her kiss… on the lips!

Sorry, the word hangs there as I bite my lower lip. I pull away as a floor monitor shouts down the hall, Visual inspections, then yoga! I stiffen and stare intently towards the door hoping the inspector will soon appear to break this awkwardness of my embarrassing weak moment. What were you thinking Lussy! 


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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