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Reply To: Bethany’s downfall (private)


We are one of the last passengers to get onboard the plane as we are rushing past the terminal gates. I am nearly out of breath as we get to boarding the plane and as we enter, there is almost a party atmosphere going on as it seems we’re on the same flight as what appears to be a local sports team. There is a lot of laddish banter going on, and even a few of them are chucking a soccer ball across the isles before they get reprimanded by an air stewardess.

As we make our way down to find our seats, we hear wolf whistles and lewd comments addressed to both of us.

As we are walking down, I suddenly stop and re-look at my ticket again, confused where we are meant to be going. Whilst we stand in the aisle and try to figure out where to go, a hand suddenly discreetly makes its way onto your thigh. The owner of the wayward hand appears to be the captain of the local soccer team who is sitting on the aisle seat next to where we are standing. He begins to move his hand higher up underneath your dress, fondling and squeezing your buttocks. Because of how raucous and chaotic the plane is at the moment, no one is paying attention to his actions, as he continues to rub and lightly flick the band around your panties in-between his fingers as he looks towards you and says.

“mmm, your legs are soo smooth and beautiful. And your ass *he moans* I could ride that thing all night. You are definitely one foxy little lady.”

I am still trying to figure out where we’re meant to be sitting as all this is going on, as I try to get the attention of one of the stewardesses to help us. The man continues.

“My name is Jake, the captain of this rabble here, and we’re playing a match against a team in Amsterdam this weekend. Tickets have sold out, but for a *he moans as he stares at your ass* fine piece of candy like yourself, I’m sure we can arrange a VIP ticket, what do you reckon, doll?”

“It’ll have extra– ‘perks’ –the regular folk don’t get.” He pinches your ass and lets his hand linger there a little before removing his hand altogether. The air-stewardess has finally informed us were we’re meant to go and I grab my trolley and give you a nod that we can continue on our way to find our seats.




As we take our seats at the back of the plane, it’s obvious that the sight of two pretty ladies sandwiched in the middle has caught the eyes of the two men sitting either side of us. Although they seem quite courteous in their actions, it is quite apparent that they are staring at our tits whenever they think we haven’t noticed. When you ask me if I saw what was in our suitcases, I reply.

“Well, I couldn’t see for sure, but I’m pretty certain it was all just the usual stuff like clothes and makeup. I guess we’re there to look and act like the professional girls we’ve been trained to be.” I never saw what was in your bag, so when I answer, I am under the assumption that your bag was packed the same as mine.

When you ask me if it’s safe to talk about the ‘mission’ here, I get a little nervous. As far as I know, we’ve not bumped into anyone that could compromise the mission, but there are elements of paranoia starting to take a hold of me. Who knows if anyone here is whom they seem to be? The expression ‘Loose lips’ comes to my mind, but I quickly try to get the expression to leave my mind when I start re-interpreting a scenario involving just how ‘loose’ my lips could be.

“Okay Bethany, I agree. I think it’s important that we discuss this, because I think we need to be on the same page, especially seeing as it looks like we’re both being thrown into a completely unknown situation on unfamiliar grounds.”

I nervously look towards my side and see that the guy next to me sharply moves his focus away from my chest as I frown. I turn back to you.

“I don’t think here is a good place to discuss. We need a little more privacy. What I will do is head towards the loos and wait inside one of them. If you come and join me a few minutes later, we can start discussing our mission.”

I’m just about to get up from my seat, but then sit down again before adding.

“Erm… but I need to make sure it’s you, and not some stranger I’m letting in. When you get there, whisper something likelet’s get down to business’ and I’ll know it’s you and unlock the door so that you can enter.” 




I start to make my way further up the plane, until I finally get to the first set of curtains that lead to a passageway where the loo is. I go to open the door and immediately gasp when I see a good looking guy inside combing his hair in a vain way. He takes one look at me and grins.

“Okay, I’ll retract the complaint against the airline. I guessing you must be the ‘entertainment‘ promised us as a result of our late departure?”

“Wha… erm… wha…” I said, shocked that the door was unlocked, as well as the directness of the man talking to me.

“Dont you know who I am? I’m Jake, the captain of the soccer team that is representing us in Amsterdam. Hmm, I was told I was getting a sexy blonde, but you’ll have to do. Well come on then pet, I don’t have long.”

“Wha… what? I’m not here for… erm… whatever you think I’m here for. How long are you going to be? I kinda need to use the bathroom.”

He glances down at the loo seat and back to the mirror.

“Go ahead. No one’s stopping you.”

I growl at him in disgust and close the door and wait outside around the corner out of sight in a huff, arms folded. The nerve of that arrogant pig! And what did he mean I’ll have to do?! My dark hair is gorgeous!! What does he know anyway? Wait, why is that the thing that’s bothering me the most? I am wallowing in my rage and self pity that I start to forget why I walked up here in the first place.


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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