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Reply To: Simon needs a job (pvt for miss Luzette)


„Do you know how many guys have kissed them without permission or fondled my breasts the same way, always saying or suggesting that I was asking for it. That’s what Melandren and their rules are all about sweet-cheeks.”

„Now I understand this rule. It makes sense to me. I respect this rule and I won’t break it

„Do you know how a quality lipstick feels being smoothed on your lips from the tube or brush?” ~hee ~hee

Her words about lipstick make me feel a little uncomfortable so I try to laugh about her joke. „No. haha why would I?“

„There is also one aroma, the one we produce naturally when excited, which you should learn to, I guess obey. Now let’s take a stroll, shall we?”

I am glad that she takes the lead. „Yes let’s go „

I am surprised as she slides her purse over my shoulder and places my hand on top of it. But as she blows me a kiss with her gorgeous red lips and smiles at me I smile back I feel just happy that I can help her. I like being a gentleman, especially for this beautiful woman.
I let her take my wrist to lead me. I follow her immediately.

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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