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Reply To: Simon needs a job (pvt for miss Luzette)


At first I just smell another sweet fragrance. It smells as feminine as the fragrance I got sprayed with. Then I look to the right and I see her. Her face looks perfect with these red lips. This combination of beauty and confidence makes me so shy and nervous.

“There’s that dickishness Carol that’s in so many of Simon’s notes. I think I can work around it; he’s got so much to offer, you know physically“

I can’t help but after I hear the words ‚dickishness‘ and ‚physically‘ I star getting an erection. I feel paralyzed as she just taps my growing erection. I start to blush.

“Hi there, sweetie: I’m Katherine, Regional Sales Manager for L’Oréal Cosmetics“

„N…N…Nice to meet you Katherine.

“You’re wearing a nice fragrance yourself sweetie for a girl anyway“

„Ehm.. Thank you ma‘am“

„In fact your fragrance is the only nice thing you ARE wearing but you probably heard that before, huh? Well if you’re really flexible and can learn to follow orders from, you know girls, I may be able to use you or at least recommend you around. You wanna talk in private?“

Your comment about my clothes keeps me nervous.

„It would be great to work for you. I am pretty sure that I am able to follow orders from girls and I am very flexible too. I would love to talk in private“

“Oh by the way, there’s a rule in here that girls can touch boys without their permission but not the other way around; just so you know.”


When she starts touching my chest with her fingertips, I want to tell her to stop and ask her what she is doing but I am afraid that she would refuse to take me to a private job interview. I just accept that stupid rule and try the impossible: stay calm. I fail. I blush and my erection keeps growing. I am speechless again.

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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