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Reply To: Lock Down

Lady Silk

“ooooh, i’d love to look like Marilyn, thank you soooo much Shasta I coo, feeling super-happy.

I think to myself ‘i wish i had bigger boobs to go with the hair’ and glance down and… i swear my ‘girls’ are looking fuller in the tight little dress i somehow  chose for our little trip out.

“marilyn is a super-girly look’ i say. I know there are much smarter things i could say about this star. I used to know them I’m sure. She was super famous. But this seems to be all i can come up with.

I cross my long smooth legs (and i like having such nice legs i think to myself) and flick through the magazine Shasta has given me. Its got a lot of cute dresses in it, and also a really fun section on fetish collars. I’d never thought about these before but i look at the words written on them – ‘bimbo’ , ‘doll’. ‘boy toy’ and wonder which one i’d buy …. I have to this super hard just to choose. Soon enough i find myself just looking at the ceiling while i chew my new sweetie.

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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