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Reply To: Jenni’s and Michelle’s review lesson

Jenni swallows

My hair dances around my face, hanging down to my pale, bare shoulders and doing nothing but to frame the blush on my cheeks as I hear the name ‘Swallows’. Unlike the past though, I keep looking the man in the eye as he says it, my face burning up, but my lips curled into a forced smile to show him some form of respect. even if I hate his guts and everything about this moment…

I nod my head slightly, the flouncy pigtails tickling my fair skin just slightly before my body draws up and my knee’s twist together, knocking against one another as the belt shocks my waist and gives me a kick in my trapped nuts and frustrated member.

“*Gasp!* Eguhnn… Iiee!”

I try my best to keep my scream inside, but It all comes out as a gasping shrill of a shriek that fills me with more embarrassment than just letting my self yelp would ever have. My hands are balled up at my side, shaking, lip quivering just a moment before My body relaxes and I can grip my skirt to curtsy and thank the teacher for being such a sadistic asshole.

“Oh, Thank you So much, Sir… I am so very sorry for my Mistake. Thank you!”

I’ve tried to keep my eyes off of Bubbles since I came in here, knowing that seeing her like this.. letting her see ME like this… after everything they have put me through would just cause my stomach to do so many twists and turns it would be hard to kowtow to this prick. But now…

“Come on girl, sit… now you two play with each other for a few minutes, while I prepare the lesson. Make sure to use this time to be productive, and practice your techniques by playing with each other.”

I have to look her in the eye with my new mindset, thanks to all of my daily training at the hands of Melissa and my ‘lovely’ sponsor…

“Oh my goodness, yes Sir! I just love playing with Miss Bubbles! *Giggles*”

outgoing… flirty, playful, high spirited little sissy persona. That’s me, remember it… Do it! Do it! Let Bubbles see it, even if it sucks to fall so far into this training one of your friends… my shameful crush.. would see me like this. and what’s worse, I would get so horny from it!

‘Hey, Bubbles! It’s so good to see you girl!’

I hold my hands back up, one of them gripping the tip of my pigtails and twisting it around my long painted nails, the other dainty tucking my nails into the palm of my hand and held up by my head.

I click my pretty, pink heels with the cute little bowtie flourish on the strap around my ankle on over to the chair, my eyes fighting not to stare into Michele’s ample bosom. The Tattoo on her cleavage making it extra hard, till I realize… any warm-blooded male would love to see to girls checking each other out.

“Oh my goodness! You got a tattoo!”

I say as I curtsy real quick, letting my eyes just peer into her chest, letting my self surrender to every naughty wet dream I tried so desperately to avoid becoming.

”That’s too Hot! *giggle* I would be soooo embarrassed if I had one of those over my tits. “

I say as I bend over, letting my tiny skirt raise up and show off the teeny thong I am wearing underneath, before scooting on in and seeing that we both as crammed into the tiny desk, and I am just perfectly placed to get a face full of her boobs. I felt like dying right now, imagine how big of a boner the teacher behind the desk must be getting right now. There’s no way this guy doesn’t know mine and Michelle’s history. I am just thankful he didn’t make us both bend over his desk to spank our behinds when he punished us.

I place my hands down on the desk, one hand reaching for Michelles, remembering to be a touchy feelie with my sissy Sisters and not be so afraid to interact with them. It’s only awkward if we were guys, but we aren’t… We are sissies… I’m a sissy… A simpering, flirty Sissy. I grab her hand, gently holding it with my tiny, pastel-painted fingers.

“It feels like we have SO much to catch up on, It looks like they gave us both bigger boobs even! *snicker* Cute huh?” 

I know she can tell how embarrassed I am, even when I scrunch up my nose and press my cleavage together to show off the two extra cup sizes I’ve got since Coming here. I look down for a moment, glancing at my cleavage for just a while. Before I would have lingered, but now I play it up for the act. It’s all a show… a sexy little show for the guy with his wood pressing into the desk…

“But the real man in the room wants us to play, so… want to suck face?”

I ask, tilting my head to the side and jerking my body enough to let my perky, B Cup breasts jiggle in their tiny top.

My name is Jenni and I do what I am told.

taunt and tease me to please me.

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