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Reply To: Tiffany Gets Her Breasts


“But before we start, please promise me that this time that there will be no funny business or trying things on for a joke.”

I took Tifa to the measuring station and spoke to the gurl on duty.

“Hi Bella, this is Tifa. She has outgrown her underwear. Can you measure her so she can get the right size? She has brought the old ones to exchange.

Tifa gave her the old underwear. Well most of it was new as she had hardly had a chance to wear it.

“Hi Tifa, I see you are not wearing a bra, can you remove your top so I can measure?”

While Tifa was doing that Bella took the old bras, had a quick look at them, then did a quick double take at Tifa.

“Hey have you found a magic fairy or something? I’m not surprised you need new ones. It looks as though you have had more than a month’s growth since you had these. Why didn’t you change them earlier?”

I jumped in before Tifa could say anything.

“Tifa had to spend some time in the sick bay in the clinic. While she was there, Doc Swan used her to trial some new more potent hormone treatment. She hasn’t worn a bra since she got those and rather than a month it was just over a week.”

I saw a look of understanding cross her face.

“Ah, I understand now. Just let me get a tape measure and I’ll make sure you get a good fit. Welcome to the girl club”

Bella went and got her tape and then started to measure Tifa. Even though she wasn’t trying to tease, I could see Tifa’s reaction.

#giggles. “It seems it’s not only the size that has increased. Go and look for a bra you like and bring back a 34C. I’ll check the fit and then you can select the others.”

Tifa put her top back on and I took her over to the bra section.

“I suggest you select a full cup style for the first one. I know some of the other styles might appeal to the male ego but they don’t have to carry the weight around. Go for comfort rather than silly ¼ cup ones. Everyone is so sexed up in here you don’t need to look or the discomfort.”

Tifa started to look and did seem to have a more sensible head on today.

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