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Reply To: Sexy Bunny Competition – 2020


My instructor called me to the front of the class today. I hate this because they make us wear such short skirts, and I know the other girls are staring at me as I walk up to her desk. She tells me my behavior has improved well since my arrival, and that due to their primary candidate being abruptly unavailable, she was selecting me for a special assignment and I was to hurry to the 2nd floor to meet with Mr Allan. DO NOT DELAY, she shouted at me as I exited into the hallway as fast as I dare in my heels. I don’t know why felt so excited, but it made me feel special to be picked over the other girls. 

Mr Allan’s hair was short and dark with a side part and a low fade. Why am I noticing hair styles? He did not look pleased as I approached, saying he knew I would not show up dressed appropriately. He opens a nearby locker door and combing past several items, pulls out a thin cardboard box which he then shoves it into my hands. You need to get changed, he demands. In my short time here thus far, I’ve quickly learned not to refuse clothes or anything for that matter, and promptly curtsey to show my gratitude. I look around and ask where I can change at. His eyes just look down to the spot I’m standing as a sneering grin crosses over his face. 

I remove my clothes and open the box to find a pink bunny ears headband with matching high cut one piece. I suddenly don’t know if I’m more embarrassed to be standing here naked in front of this man or to put on these clothes. I bite my lip slightly fretting, but decide I better do as he wants. He looks somewhat pleased with how I fill out the outfit, which boosts my confidence and contagiously makes smile. My mood quickly terrifies as he tells me to follow him to see the group and that I better be entertaining.

He opens a nearby door to what looks like a teachers lounge. There is a mix of finely dressed men and women seated on the various chairs and couches. His strong hand traces down to the small of my back before resting his palm just above my butt. He senses my reluctance and gently but firmly pushes me into the room while whispering into my ear, Don’t you dare embarrass me. With a celebratory greeting to the group, Mr Allan thanks them for their patience. It’s been a treat getting to see the magic happen, one of the guests pipes up. Mr Allan takes a seat on one of the couches, then points to me to start my performance.

Unsure of what to do, I stand there and wiggle my hips a little from side to side. You’re a rabbit, Jump for us, hollers one of the guests. I bend my arms up keeping my wrists limp in a begging position and with my knees tucked together I try to bounce forward a little. The audience seems to get a kick out of my efforts which encourages me to keep going. Let me tell you, it’s extremely hard to walk in heels, let alone jump. After several successful bounces, I land awkwardly and stumble to the feet of one of the guests. I hear another guest shout, Give her a treat! Out of the corner of my eye, I see something fly through the air. I look up to the guest in front of me and see he is holding a long orange carrot near his groin. Come on, Come get the carrot sweetie, he implores to me very direct like an order. I slowly crawl forward on my hands and knees sliding my head up between his legs. I stop with my mouth just short of the extended tip of the carrot. The guest inches the carrot forward to rub it across the outline of my lips like lipstick. Using the carrot, he pulls down on my lower lip to open my mouth up. Teasingly he encircles just the tip of my tongue with the end of the carrot. Very nice, very good, he quietly grunts to me. He starts clapping his hands together and begins to lift his leg over my head to stand. As he does so, his hips and groin slide forward and slowly brush his bulge against my cheek. Good show Mr Allan, we will be in touch, he says. 

Mr Allan orders me to get on my feet and face the wall until he returns. I push myself up using the chair. I can feel my butt jiggle as I take rushed but tiny measured steps in an effort to prevent myself from stumbling again in my heels. Mr Allan thanks the guests for their time and invites them to follow him down to the lobby. Now I stand here all alone in this big academy, nervous, and waiting for his return. Will he be pleased, or am I expecting a punishment?

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  • This reply was modified 2 weeks, 1 day ago by Lussy.

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