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Reply To: Enter The Sissydome! (Private)

Michelle Bubbles

I drag Bea over to the new outfits that just appeared, fearing that we may be punished if we don’t dress quickly enough. Even without instructions, if a sexy outfit is presented to a nude sissy, well, it’s not hard to guess what they want us to do… As I start examining the various cuts and styles of bunny outfits, I see Bea examine one herself. Oh that’s not good. That corset would do a number on the poor, inexperienced thing… they are so uncomfortable and breath-taking (literally!) that I can’t let her try it on, if she does I am sure she will be forced to keep it and she will barely funtion later. What if I need her to be in top shape to avoid punishments? I sway my hips over to her and snatch the pink corset from her with a smile.


“Ooooh, pretty! I cann dibs on this one! *giggle*”


I expertly slip it around my tiny waist, making sure it fits properly before handing her the strings.


“Mind lacing me up honey? Nice and tight! Don’t be afraid to really pull on them!”


She follows my instructions well enough, and I feel the familiar tight hug of the corset, restricting my breathing to the top of my lungs, pinching in my already tiny waist by another few centimeters. I complete the simple outfit with the matching heels and ears, before making a twirl in front of Bea, as if to show it off, all smiles and giggles as she stares at me, stunned, complimenting my looks.


“Aw, thank you so much cutie! Now, let’s make you just as pretty!”


I say, with a playful ‘boop’ on her nose. I dive into the racks, a slight pout as if I am concentrating, looking over various outfits that I apparently deem unfit and/or not pretty enough.


In reality, I am desperately looking for something that would be easy on a newbie, no corset, easy to ruin stockings, restrictive skirts. Finally, I find something appropriate, even if incredibly revealing, but it’s probably the best thing here for a newbie. Lets her breathe and move easily, these stockings are sturdy and not easy to make runs in them, and the heels are amongst the lowest… at 4 inches. Which to be fair, is the lowest heels I have seen in 2 years. I turn to Bea, holding it out proudly for her.



“Oh, this one has ‘Bea Bound’ written all over it sweetie! You’ll look great in this, trust me! Try it on for me, pretty please?”


I bat my eyelashes at me, leaning forward to flash some cleavage as well, sensing some reluctance. And silently begging her to take it, for her own good…


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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