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Reply To: Enter The Sissydome! (Private)

Michelle Bubbles

I offer a hand as I stand up gracefully, fully extending my legs, and help her up, noticing how her own legs are already very sexy and toned, long and slender. I can’t help but wonder how she will look a month from now, if this is the starting point… for a second it looks like we are the same height, but as I keep looking at her legs I notice that she is standing with her feet flat, not on her tip-toes.


“Honey what are you doing! Stand up properly, on your tip-toes! There you go cutie! I’m sure you know what happens if we don’t keep our heels off the ground like good girls at all times!”


I smile as she forces herself on her toes, no doubt she already knows about the built-in punishment delivered by our belts if we keep our feet down, but when you are new you constantly forget if you are not in heels. As she stands up “properly”, I can now see she is taller than me by about 3 inches, as I need to look up to meet her big, bright blue eyes. And unfortunately, as I resume talking, I need to keep up the bimbo act… even if I remember how angry and sad I felt my first few days, I can’t help her right now. Not in the way she would like, by being another angry, sad, trapped man.


“I love your name! Bea is so cute, but Bound makes it soooo naughty! *giggle* Just a few weeks? Then you’re in luck, because I am a super duper experienced girl! And right now, uhm…”


I look around, making a show of pouting my lips and putting a long-nailed finger up to them, as if I was thinking hard.


“…Uhm, I have no idea where we are! Or what is going on! But I know if we just obey and submit like good girls, everything will turn out ok!”


I smile, beaming. That last one is an actual good piece of advice, when the corporation wants you to do or be something, you dance to their tune, willingly or not. Unwillingly, and they will break you soon while still getting what they want. Willingly, if you are smart you might also be able to sneak some of your own dance moves in there. But of course, I can’t say all of this to Bea…




As we are talking, in her studio with the live feed on a camera, the announcer flashes a smile at her audience. Another sissy here for years, she has little chance of helping us – but she wouldn’t in any case. Completely broken and subservient, only orders and everything she needs to be a good sissy fills her head, absolutely and totally devoted to the corporation that turned her from James to Jasmine Joy.



“What a cute pair our sissies make! Here in the sissydome, two sissies enter, one fresh and one broken: two sissies will still exit… but we’ll have fun along the way, won’t we ladies and gentlemen? As a first trial for our contestants, it has been said that ‘less is more’. To that, I say: bullshit! Let’s watch our sissies get dolled up and ready, why have them naked and afraid when we will have more fun if they are dressed like slutty whores and afraid? To that end, let’s spin the wheel!”


As she talks, she gracefully glides over to a big gameshow-like wheel, with various results on it:


After an energetic spin, she smiles and preens for the camera, putting herself on display as much as Michelle and Bea are, until finally the wheel stops and a masculine, computerized voice booms out:






A sudden mechanical whirr makes us stop and look at the center of the circular room, and we watch as smoothly and rapidly a clothes rack rises from the ground, where a previously invisible panel slid away. It clicks into place and the floor closes back up, leaving us to look at the unmistakable style of the outfits on display, something that is a bit of a favorite around here and I am very familiar with: Playboy bunny outfits… my internal reaction could be summed up with “Ugh! Again?!” But of course, my external reaction must be very different… I jump up and down, clapping my hands, making my whole body jiggle and draw the eye.


“Oh yay! I love bunny outfits, they are so sexy! Come on, Bea!”


I exclaim excitedly, moving over to the rack.


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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