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  • Name: Syd Chambers
  • Starting Gender: Male
  • Age: 30
  • Past Occupation: Small Business Owner
  • Character Traits:  – (pos) motivator, calm in a pinch – (neg) sulks when doesn’t get his way. this can sometimes look a bit like a hissy fit unless he is aware of his actions

Syd will have researched a little about the zombie virus and kept track of the crisis building up, and be trying to form strategies for him and the other survivors. Although he has a little swagger and a little self confidence about him after he had started and maintained his own successful business, he is very afraid that the feminine feelings within him may surface at the wrong time, and in front of the wrong people. He will try to exert a little bravado, but be more afraid that there won’t be enough sissies around him that he himself will be nominated for one of the roles by more dominant or assertive individuals. He is so self-conscious of his feminine desires, he may subconsciously put himself into more danger if it meant that his secret was safe.

(Would love Syd to play the role of an eventual forced sissy… but perhaps not straight away at the beginning of the story, unless there is a need 🙂 )

(OOC: Thanks for being DM, Bea… looking forward to this 🙂 )

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